River Hills Governing Body Structure and Board Members

The governing board consists of elected official annual appointments from the five-county service area. There are forty-two total appointing authorities. The total board appointments make up the Full Commission, which meets quarterly. The Full Commission elects the twelve-member Executive Board that meets monthly to conduct routine agency business, which is then ratified by the Full Commission. River Hills currently employs four permanent staff and a seasonal intern as funding allows.


As stipulated in the authorizing legislation for Regional Planning Commissions, the membership of the Commission shall be as follows:

  • One county commissioner or qualified person appointed by the county commissioners from each member of the county: Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington Counties.
  • One county councilman from each member county: Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, and Washington Counties.
  • One person appointed by the mayor or town board president of each of the seven largest cities or towns within each member county having a population over 50,000.
  • The county surveyor or a qualified person appointed by the surveyor, of each member county having a population over 50,000.
  • One person appointed by the mayor or town board president of each of the five largest cities or towns within each member county having a population under 50,000. If there are not five cities or towns in the county, the county commissioners shall appoint enough persons, at-large, to bring the total to five.
  • One person appointed by the Governor of the State of Indiana.


  • Chairman - Adam Dickey
  • Vice Chairman - Michael Killen
  • Secretary - Steve Meyer
  • Treasurer - Elizabeth (Betsy) Blocker
  • Legal Counsel - Amy Burnette, Frost Brown Todd


Clark County

  • DeLynn Rutherford, City of Jeffersonville
  • Eric Vaughn, City of Charlestown
  • Ruth Sparks, Town of  Borden
  • Dylan Fisher, Town of  Clarksville
  • *Brad Amos, Town of Sellersburg
  • Martha Whetsell, Town of Utica
  • Perry Smith, Clark County Commissioners
  • *Kevin Vissing, Clark County Council
  • *Michael Killen, Clark County Surveyor


Floyd County

  • *Adam Dickey, City of New Albany
  • Kathy Haller, Town of Georgetown
  • Andy Lemon, Town of Greenville
  • *Cam Wright, Floyd County Council
  • *Brian Smith, Floyd County Commissioners
  • Chris Welch, Floyd County Commissioners
  • Billy Stewart, Floyd County Commissioners
  • Shawn Carruthers, Floyd County Commissioners
  • Don Lopp, Floyd County Surveyor


Harrison County

  • Roger McGraw, Town of Corydon
  • Michelle Fox, Town of  Elizabeth
  • *Elizabeth (Betsy) Blocker, Town of Lanesville
  • *Michael Shireman, Town of Palmyra
  • Sam Day, Harrison County Council
  • Scott Fluhr, Harrison County Commissioners


Scott County

  • *William H. Graham, City of Scottsburg
  • Robert Peacock, Scott County Council
  • Raymond Jones, Scott County Commissioners
  • Chuck Sebastian , Scott County Commissioners
  • *Steve Meyer, Scott County Commissioners


Washington County

  • Wally Terkhorn, City of Salem
  • Dolly Bricker, Town of New Pekin
  • Gerald Fleming, Washington County Council
  • *Preston Shell, Washington County Commissioners


*Members of Executive Board

November 17, 2016

March 23, 2017

May 25, 2017

August 24 2017

June 29, 2017

February 23, 2017


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